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Lilly's Story


Hi, I’m Lilly.

On the 7th of May 2020, I was seized by the police after being rescued by my family 3 months prior. At the tender age of 8 months old, I was seized for being a suspected ‘pit-bull type’ dog.

I was insured, microchipped to my owner and there were vet records that showed I was well cared for and how my owner was in talks with our vets to have me neutered, however this wasn’t done due to me being taken in my first season.

Following court dates being pushed back and back, it was decided in February 2021 that I wouldn’t be allowed to go back home due to my owner having small children and therefore I was ordered to lose my innocent life. Despite my fate being determined by the courts, my family appealed the destruction order that the courts had decided, in the hope that my innocent life would be saved. Thankfully, in April 2021, I was granted the right to live due to my family never giving up on me and being successful in their appeal to save my life.

In May 2021, I was returned back home to my family as an exempt dog. I happily greeted all the members of my family going from one to the other in order to kiss them. My owner’s children were over the moon to have my back, and oh how I was happy to be back home too!

When asked to tell me in their own words, the impact BSL has had on them and their family following Lilly being seized up until this very day, they stated “It’s been an absolutely heart breaking experience for our whole family. It has caused so much distress to my two children and also myself. My youngest was 6 months old at the time, we took Lilly in so that could both grow a strong bond together as they both grow up, but this has also been ripped away from us and is now the reason behind why I’m being told Lilly isn’t allowed back home”.

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