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Darcie's Story


Hi, I’m Darcie.

On the 29th April 2014, it was my human sister’s birthday and I helped her open her presents and tried cheekily to steal her cake. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, my mummy thought it was her friend meeting her to walk the little ones to school just like we did every morning, but no it wasn’t instead there was loads of humans at the door in police uniforms with body camera’s attached. Some of them entered the house. Like I did with everyone who came in, I ran up to them to greet them as I loved people and also loved getting attention. My mummy pulled me back and began screaming and crying, but I didn’t know why and didn’t understand what was going on. The humans in police uniforms took me away from my mummy and dragged me out of the house. What was going on? Had I been a bad girl? I looked up at the humans in police uniforms and told them with my eyes I hadn’t been a bad girl, and that I’m a good girl, but they didn’t care and took me regardless.

They locked me in a cage and did horrible things to me like hitting me in order to see if I would bite back, but like the good girl I was I never did. My mummy always told me I was good girl, I remembered her words.

Months had passed, I’d gotten poorly many of times whilst in the cage and was taken to the vets. I was slowly dying, however I had to be strong as I did have humans after all who love and miss me. Oh, how I love and missed them too. On the outside, my humans were fighting for me and going through hell to try and get me back home. God, I love them! Even more months passed, despite this I remained a good girl.

On the 26th of November 2014, my mummy and daddy went to court again, they were there all day. They were scared, but I knew they were strong. Out of nowhere, they began to cry and hug each other. What was going on? “She’s coming home!” they screamed.

In January 2015, I was finally reunited with my family after being separated from them for more than 9 months. Months later in April 2015, myself and my family had to relocate from London to Wales due to us being evicted by the landlords seen as they didn’t want to tenant an exempt dog.

As an exempt dog, I now live my daily life with restrictions, including having a tattoo, having to wear a muzzle and not being able to go off-lead in public spaces, for simply being deemed a ‘pit-bull type’ dog.

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