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Bruce's Story


Hi, I’m Bruce.

On the 19th of September 2007, is when the hell began for both myself and my owner.


At just 18 years old, my owner came home to find me gone and a warrant posted through the door. Not knowing where I was my owner did what any concerned owner would do which was contacting the police and council in order to find out where I was and why I was seized, however my owner wasn’t allowed to know where I was due to it being confidential. Upon asking why I was seized, my owner was told that someone had reported me as being an alleged ‘pit-bull-type’ dog. A witness whom saw me being seized told my owner how appalling I was treated and how scared I was from being backed up against the door that I defecated all over my owner’s door.

Whilst incarcerated in secluded kennels, my owner was able to visit me. One visit being in October 2007 and the other being in March 2008. My owner noticed my condition was worsening, I’d noticeably lost so much weight and the open cut to my muzzle had gotten larger and become infected, 6cm of my tail having to be amputated as a result of both damage and infection, open sores on my body from lying on the cold kennel floors. I’d never slept outdoor in my entire life, I was used to sleeping in my owner’s bed.

“I can’t even imagine how much pain and sadness he felt” said Bruce’s owner.

My owner made petitions online and also written and even went to the media. My story gained worldwide attention with candlelit vigils taking place in London, Paris and even in New York.

“The world was watching yet I was powerless to stop what was happening to my boy” said Bruce’s owner.

On the 27th of August 2008 at Bangor Magistrates in Northern Ireland, mine and my family’s 3 year fight began to save my life and to bring me back home. On the 12th of September 2008, I was ordered to be destroyed due to the court deciding that I was ‘of type’ even despite expert identification witnesses claiming I wasn’t.

Six months later, a further hearing was scheduled in order to set a date for the full appeal. At this hearing the judge believed I didn’t pose a danger to the public and as a result granted a reprieve for myself. Despite, the judge not contesting me being found to be a ‘pit-bull type’ dog, my owner was told I could be returned to them so long as conditions were in place such as having third party insurance for myself. Following being told this, my owner contacted every single insurance company in order to get me back home were I rightfully belonged, but when disclosing my breed my owner was denied insurance. On the third year, my owner won the fight to keep me alive, but it was on the basis that they would agree for me to go down south to EGAR.

14 years on, my owner is still left with no answers regarding what happened to me following me going to EGAR.

When asked to tell me in their own words the impact BSL has had on their life following Bruce being seized up until this very, they stated “I will never get over the trauma from having my baby seized and the hurt of knowing how much pain and suffering he went through for those 3 years possibly more. This is still as RAW now as it was 14 years ago!”

We understand that Bruce has now crossed the rainbow bridge, however we’d like to bring awareness again to Bruce and his family’s story and experience in the hope it’ll help others and possibly open the doors to answers for Bruce’s family.

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